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Whole genome sequencing is great for:
Understanding the relationships between samples
Confirming or disproving hypotheses
Finding possible explanations for persistent problems
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Dr. Paul Bollyky

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Proven process

Our process follows the gold standard methods from genomic epidemiology research. You can focus on delivering exceptional patient care while Solu takes care of the rest.
Health authorities that recommend genomic surveillance:

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Frequently asked questions

Does genomic surveillance work?
Genomic surveillance has been shown to outperform traditional methods in identifying the environmental source, tracking transmission between patients, and tracing transmission of antibiotic resistance genes. A recent systematic review found genomic surveillance to be more cost-effective than traditional methods. Many health systems and hospitals worldwide use genomic surveillance.
Is it secure?
We are HIPAA-compliant and security is extremely important to us. Your data is processed and stored in Solu's secure servers.
Which pathogens can Solu identify?
The surveillance currently works for pathogenic bacteria (BSL2 or under) and certain fungi such as Candida.
Is it FDA approved?
Our product is labeled for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures, like all genomics solutions. Results obtained with Solu will indicate highly likely transmission events, but you will need to confirm them with epidemiological investigation and traditional laboratory testing.

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