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Frequently asked questions

How free is free?
Free means free. We offer 1-5 samples for free to test our service, shipping included.
What analysis is provided for my samples?
Our platform performs a large amount of analyses, including species assembly, species identification, MLST, AMR genes, annotation, QA, and phylogenetics. You can browse examples here.
What counts as a 'sample'?
By sample we mean one bacterial or fungal isolate. We are not able to process metagenomic or polymicrobial samples at this time.
How should I prepare my samples for Solu WGS?
We accept both bacterial pellets and extracted DNA. All biosafety level 2 and below organisms are allowed. You can find more information about sample preparation here.
Are you HIPAA-compliant?
Where do I send the samples?
We'll provide you with a ready shipping label and a packing slip to include with your order, which can be printed and attached to the shipment being sent.


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